• A Loan Modification Could Save Your Home

    • By Brenner Spiller & Archer, LLP

      May 18th, 2020

    This is a strange and frightening time. COVID-19 has disrupted everything and brought a level of uncertainty we’ve never seen before. Maybe your hours or salary have been reduced dramatically. You may have even lost your job entirely. How will you pay your mortgage?  You could try a forbearance, which would defer your payments, but [..]

  • What Does A Bankruptcy Lawyer Actually Do?

    • By Brenner Spiller & Archer, LLP

      April 20th, 2020

    Unless you want to take on the feat of filing for bankruptcy on your own, you’ll need a bankruptcy lawyer. But what do bankruptcy lawyers specifically do for you? A lot, it turns out. Take a look at how your lawyer helps you file for bankruptcy. Advice Before you even start any bankruptcy activities, your [..]

  • Could Coronavirus Push You Into Financial Hardship?

    • By Brenner Spiller & Archer, LLP

      March 17th, 2020

    The Coronavirus might be even more dangerous to the economy than to our physical health, according to an article from The Independent. Even if you personally don’t get the virus, it can still impact you by the damage it causes on businesses and the stock market. You may lose your job or struggle to pay [..]

  • How to Re-File for Bankruptcy in New Jersey

    • By Brenner Spiller & Archer, LLP

      March 3rd, 2020

    You’ve probably heard that you can’t file for bankruptcy more than once. This isn’t true. There is no law that says you can only file for bankruptcy one time. However, it can be complicated and you should work with an experienced bankruptcy attorney to help you. The two most common types of bankruptcy people file [..]

  • 4 Types of Debt Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Won’t Discharge

    • By Brenner Spiller & Archer, LLP

      February 24th, 2020

    Bankruptcy is a helpful solution for difficult financial problems. For example, some people have a large credit card debts that become too difficult to pay off. These people might just need to make a clean break with a painful financial past and start things over fresh. Chapter 7 bankruptcy, also known as a straight or [..]

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