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When financial difficulties arise, certain steps should be taken to begin the process of obtaining a fresh start. Filing for bankruptcy in Central or South New Jersey can help provide you with this fresh start. Begin by gathering financial data, including debt statements, auto loan and mortgage statements, pay stubs, tax returns and a brief analysis of the value of any real estate. Then meet with the knowledgeable attorneys of Brenner Spiller & Archer, LLP to discuss what you want to accomplish with regard to your financial situation. Should we determine bankruptcy is not right for you, our experienced attorneys can also help you evaluate non-bankruptcy options, such as loan modifications.

Do you want to keep your home? We may be able to find a way to catch up on your mortgage. Do you want to get rid of overwhelming credit card debt? Have you lost your driver’s license and need to have it reinstated? Once we have answered such questions, we can begin to discuss your options. Based on your goals, and the evaluation of income and assets, we can recommend the form of bankruptcy that will best serve your needs.

Guiding You through the Bankruptcy Process

Our attorneys will prepare a bankruptcy petition and set up a meeting to review and sign the required schedules. It will also be necessary to obtain a certificate of counseling, which is a requirement for all consumer bankruptcy filings. Once the petition for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy or a Chapter 13 bankruptcy has been filed, the automatic stay will take effect. This stops all collection activity and creditor harassment.

A first meeting of creditors will be scheduled, usually within 30 days of the filing. This meeting is typically the only hearing that you will be required to attend. You will provide answers to questions regarding your recent financial history and attest to the accuracy of the schedules that we have filed. After that hearing, depending on the purpose of your filing, there may or may not be a hearing. If there is a bankruptcy hearing, your lawyer will need to attend. We will keep you informed at every stage of the process.

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